Saturday, 16 June 2007

Otty Bottom

The marvellous Kingsdown Guide (available online on describes the existence of Fragrant Orchids on the approach to the golf course and along Otty Bottom. A walk today confirmed that they're still there, with about a dozen in the former and three times as many south of the latter. The guide also tells of Pyramidal Orchids, and there were just a couple of each at both sites.
I had feared that the vegetation along the track to St Margaret's might have wiped out the orchids that I remembered from years ago but there are still bare patches where they survive.
It's a shame that the track was tarmaced though, as the old chalk way was very evocative of the past.
Fragrant Orchid
The spring is about to be overtaken by summer, and the rainfall that we've had recently has encouraged lush growth of foliage, and many bright flowers.

Dog rose

This previously unknown (to me anyway) plant is apparently Goatsbeard, or Jack-go-to-bed-at-Noon - thanks to Simon of the Mote Park blog

A brown hare was seen in one of the paddocks, characteristically crouching, and I was pleased to hear the song of two Yellowhammers, which have become scarce in the last few years in this area. Families of birds are everywhere now, benefiting from the bounty in the hedgerows.

A hare in clover (with Mignonettes)

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