Saturday, 21 July 2007

The Glen

The inland road to Walmer and Deal is called the Glen, and although it goes between open fields itself is well wooded. A photograph taken around 1920 shows that it was then completely open (perhaps indicating the recent drop in demand for firewood?)

The paddocks along The Glen currently have a full and varied vegetation, similar to a meadow that I'm surveying for a local landowner. The contrast with grazed grass fields, and especially with monoculture arable fields, is striking.


There are good views from here to the Ripple windmill, recently renovated.
One of the benefits of spending time surveying a meadow is the proximity to the many insects that inhabit it. Today, in addition to the usual Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns, little Skippers and the numerous Gatekeepers, there was a Clouded Yellow, keeping still for a change.

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