Sunday, 1 July 2007

Sandwich Bay 'White House'

On Sandwich Bay estate, between the Observatory and the coast, there's a patch of low-lying ground that is crossed by a stream, and which has some bird-catching traps for ringing.
It is also very rich in plants and insects. There were plenty of butterflies, mostly Small Coppers and Skippers, with a few Marbled Whites, Small Heaths, and the odd blue.

Small Copper

Large Skipper

Marbled White on a Marsh Orchid

There were even some Small Tortoiseshells - the first I've seen this year. I hardly expected to have to wait until July for this first sighting, nor to have to visit a reserve to do so!

The main reason for the visit was, however, the Marsh Helleborines, of which there were about twenty plants in flower in a small area.

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