Thursday, 20 September 2007


Here are some photos to frighten the children. One of my parental roles has been to remove 'creepy crawlies' from the house, as the kids have arachnaphobia - I can't understand why. Autumn is especially bad for this, as the little devils (spiders, not children) find their way in along various routes.

Most of the visitors are apparently young males, looking for new territories . As there are around 640 species of spider in the UK (100 of which being found in an average garden and a dozen in the average house) there is little chance of avoiding them, and I find that clearing our the shed, garage or rubbish heap is always good fun!

Garden spider
It is little known fact that the garden spider can give a bite, resulting in nausea and swelling - treat with respect in future.

A washing line spider (fat chance of the kids putting out the washing now!)

On another matter.....the beach at low tide attracts passing waders, and the calls of Oystercatchers and Curlews can be heard from my garden if the wind is coming in off the sea.

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me and my camera said...

I see what you mean, Steve, your first spider picture posted does resemble the one I had posted on my nature tales blog. Thanks for the visual comparison to yours.