Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Granville Road

A glorious autumn morning, spoilt only by traffic jams on the way to work. Before that, however, a stroll along Granville Road beside the golf course had plenty of birds, flying south for a change as the wind has moved back to the west.

A party of half a dozen tiny Goldcrests flitted along a hedgerow, and amongst them were a couple of Firecrests, distinguished by their louder calls and bright eyestripes.

The colours of the hedgerow are mainly reds and yellows, but a single scabious provided some nice variety.


Simon said...

Welldone on seeing the Firecrests, and you must have quick reactions to get nice photo of one.

Your blog makes very interesting reading and is a joy to look through. I found your blog via Warren's Pittswood blog.

Simon (Mote Park blog)

Steve said...

Hi - I have also just found your blog via Warren's. Really enjoyed reading through it. I will link to yiurs from mine if you dont mind.

Steve (New Hythe blog)

Steve of Kingsdown said...

Hi guys - I've linked your blogs (I already enjoy reading them)

The firecrest pic was a bit of luck (the many other photos of twigs were discarded!)

There seemed to be a few firecrests reported yesterday -St Margatets, Sandwich Bay, Beachy Head etc)