Saturday, 6 October 2007


Kitty's Tearooms are a touch of class in Kingsdown, providing good quality food and drink, and friendly service. Nina cooks with local produce, supporting Kentish farmers from the growing network that has been encouraged by the growth of farmers' markets.

The inside is cosy, and with its jams, bottles, fruit and vegetables, reminds me of the Brambly Hedge mice books.

The home made fruit cakes reflect the changing seasons, although chocolate cakes seem always to be available! And the cream teas are to die for.

Free range eggs, of course - how can we justify any other kind?


Anonymous said...

:o Shameless plug! And no mention of the excellent staff...! xHx

Steve said...

Oi! I mentioned the 'friendly service'.

The staff have to be more than 'excellent' to impress me! They'll be wanting a tip next.