Wednesday, 19 December 2007

God's half acre (or rather more in this case)

The churchyard of St Peter's-in-Thanet is one of the longest in England apparently, and has until recently been mostly lost in scrub and undergrowth, with trees growing through the graves.Over the three years that I have been visiting it, however, a work party has been slowly clearing the vegetation and rediscovering the stones of the last few centuries. The work has just about reached the far end of the graveyard, where it peters out into one of the Thanet cabbage fields.
The usual range of wildlife is found here -magpies, doves, tits, wrens, robins, even house sparrows, with the local addition of parakeets of course. In the cold today it seemed that most of the usual suspects were visiting the bird-feeders of the nearby gardens.

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Warren Baker said...

Hi Steve,
Seems a pity that the work party is clearing all that lovely habitat, are they going to leave some for the wildlife? surely we can't take our habit of being 'over tidy'' to the grave :-)
I like the pic. of the Dr Who angel!!