Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Signs of the Times

It seems that covering my patch will be more difficult in 2008 as the MOD (presumably influenced by their insurers) are erecting a fence to keep us safely to the footpath. But let's do a quick risk assessment: To the left of the path, 100' cliffs which have a habit of dropping boulders without warning.
To the right, a broad flat stretch of shingle, tarmac and sand, which has an obvious wall and an even more obvious stretch of sea beyond it. Not to mention lots of signs just in case we missed it.

So if we're to be kept away from the sea, we are penned in by a tall fence preventing us from escaping a sudden cliff fall. So if I get hit by a falling piece of cliff, I intend to sue.
It has to be said, however, that the fence will make life more peaceful for wildlife on the other side, as dog-walkers, anglers and those pesky birders will be kept away. Until the fence comes down, of course.

Happy New Year


Tony Morris said...

Fences quickly grow holes, especially with help. B&Q sell quite good wire cutters!

Steve of Kingsdown said...

Tony, what are you suggesting ? 8~}

The fence is very strong, as would be expected from the MoD, but as yet does not have razorwire on top - whether there will be armed sentries remains to be seen.