Thursday, 3 January 2008

A chilly New Year

On a cold and sleety day, a good antidote is the tropical flock of Rose Ringed Parakeets in Thanet.

Reports in 2007 indicated a continued extension of the areas covered by these birds, outwards from London and from Thanet, so this year they may join up across Kent.

The lack of trees around the Isle may have hampered their colonisation to the west and south, just as it has prevented treecreepers and nuthatches moving the other way.

The Rose Ringed Parakeet was the bird that reawakened my interest in birds, about three years ago when I saw a flock wheeling and calling around a game of football that I watching - more interesting than my son's muddy attempts.

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Steve said...

Interesting about RNPs Steve. I reckon that may be my next new bird around here. They are defintely approaching - I see 100s everyday at work in SE London.