Friday, 22 February 2008

More oil

Another badly-oiled Guillemot to report - this time on the rifle range, so it must have scrambled over the broken down wall at high tide. I called Dinah, who responded quickly and we were able to catch it without too much trouble.
This gave me another chance to visit to Beryl at Wildlife Careline, who is a mine of information.
Her advice to the local paper was taken up by the TV news, and although the rescue system is busy, it is working well. More problems are expected over the weekend.
I saw an oiled gull near the guillemot, and apparently two oiled Slavonian Grebes have been rescued on Deal beach. Great Crested Grebes and divers have also been affected. If a grebe is caught, the advice is to make a soft cushion for its breastbone, to avoid internal damage.
The sign above was seen at Broadstairs (where there is no oil, as far as I know) but there are no signs around here (where there is). All we have is yet another silly sign from the MOD.

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Sandpiper said...

This is just so sad. I hate when these things happen. It just seems like nobody is ever held accountable ENOUGH.