Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The calm after the storm

The storms have been and gone, and (sheltered from the worst of the westerly wind) we've been little affected. There was a high tide and a large swell at Deal, but the wind did not deter some fishermen, although this one was more concerned with feeding the Turnstones.
Monday's gales had more effect as they were stronger and came from the south, and a description and some good pictures are on the St Margaret's blog.

Some branches were blown down in the wood, in this case leaving the tree to appeal - Where's my head?
When things calmed down, the birds emerged, including this Robin who was annoyed by the feeder being put back up in the tree, as he'd had an easy time when it blew down.That's it, it's easy with a bit of practice.

A Chiffchaff appeared, the first warbler in the garden this year. The first last year was three days earlier.
The male Sparrowhawk was again seen flying up the twitten, and the Little Owl remained serenely at his post.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, I tried some Alexanders leaf shoots, prepared and served like asparagus.
The kitchen was perfumed by the smell of the boiling shoots, and the eating was good - the tender young ones were the most succulent, with an original flavour and good texture. I'll try them again, as there's plenty about.


NW Nature Nut said...

That little owl is just adorable. I once took a class on wild edibles. Good for you for trying some long as you feel safe. Its mostly the mushrooms that are scary.

Mary said...

I'm glad the storm didn't do you any major damamge. That beheaded tree is funny. I also love your Owl when you show him. I would love to see an owl of any kind.

This message is also a "tag" for the 6 Word Memoir Meme. You can read my blog today for the rules if you choose to take part. Looking forward to more great posts by you.

Sandpiper said...

What a great post! The storm sounds like it was a pretty strong one. Love the tree with the lopped off head. ;-) You're so lucky to see owls. I've only seen a couple in my whole life. Seems like everybody around me sees them, but they hide from me. Your wild foods sound intriguing!