Sunday, 20 April 2008

A Day of Two Halves

A sea mist accompanied my morning stroll around Kingsdown, with the foghorns rumbling across the Channel. As height was gained, the mist became denser, and soon a klaxon sounded to close the golf course.
There were plenty of birds flying between the bushes and hedgerows, with Chiffchaffs probably the most frequent. Nothing could be seen in the sky, so much of the time was spent looking for beauty on the ground. I've not seen this tiny plant before, and don't know its name - any help out there?

Umbellifer species are numerous, but I think this is a kind of Chervil.

There are about 200 different variations of Dandelion, even before considering species that are Dandelion-like, so I'll not guess at the flower that resulted in this clock.

Herb Robert

In the afternoon, an unexpected blast of warm Spring sunshine hit the garden, and the air filled with insects. Among the many hoverflies was my first Holly Blue butterfly of the year (my favourite) and a number of bees.

Struggling through the grass was this one, which I believe is a Mining Bee. These lay their eggs in the ground, so this may be just emerging.


abbey meadows said...

The flowers down there appear to be out at least a month earlier than up here. I may be wrong but the top picture looks like Sanicle, it can carpet the ground in chalky areas. It likes shady woodland up here. the second plant looks like rough Chervil. Great shots.

Mary said...

Whatever the pink plant is, it is pretty. I was trying to decide if the flowers were fully open or not. I never realized that there were 200 different dandelions! Wow! The blossoms and bees are great....where is the blue butterfly?? Maybe next time?

NW Nature Nut said...

I never tire of flower and bee photos. It's fun to see what you have blooming. Things are certainly getting colorful here, despite our unseasonably cold weather.

Kingsdowner said...

AM, thanks for the ID - it may carpet some areas but I'm pleased to have seen it for the first time.

Mary, it's very embarassing running around the garden with the camera, trying to follow a flying buterfly.....and then with a flick of its wings, it's gone.

But I'll do my best next time!

Mary said...

I'm laughing at the picture that you paint ..running around the yard trying to take the butterfly's picture :-) Been there, done that! Mine always close their wings right when I take the picture, or like you say....poof they are gone! I had one last year sit on my hand like a ring...that was the most astonishing thing to have happen!