Tuesday, 15 April 2008

White Horse of Kent

On the side of North Downs escarpment above Folkestone is a strange pattern.......

Can you see what it is yet?

It's an ancient fertility symbol, cut into the side of the hill by our pagan ancestors many thousands of years ago -

Ok, it's past April Fool's Day - it's a design put onto the hill in 2003, made of white slabs. There was controversy with English Nature about possible habitat damage, but - although I love chalk downland - I think it's a great design and will provide a focus on the downs.

There's more information here.
Another Bee Fly

Bird-related road-names.

One for Lin.

How do you spell Fulmar?

Also picked out on the chalk, the resident pair of Kestrels, male bottom left....female top right. Two Peregrines were also seen today.


Mary said...

That's a neat hill design and I bet that nature will just go on around it and adapt to its presence. Great signs.

Birdnerd said...

great shots of the horse....
I'm glad I've inspired you to put up your bee nest! You have a similar solitary bee in England? Is it the same genus (Osmia) as our Mason Bee? Be sure to post photos of what happens with your nest.

Kingsdowner said...

Our Mason Bees are Osmia Rufa, and I understand that although they are reasonably common, they are indeed in decline.
I'll be watching the nest (and your site with interest).