Thursday, 22 May 2008

North Downs

The North Downs above Folkestone are in good condition, with an abundance of chalk downland flowers emerging, with seemingly a new species emerging each day. Today the blooming of Birds-Foot Trefoil was apparent.

With the emerging flowers come the butterflies, each species with its own particular food-plants. Three Adonis Blues were seen, mostly keeping their wings closed, but occasionally (but distantly) showing their glorious blue upper wings.

A little blue on the top wing is showing here, with an unusual mauve spot.

And finally....a racing pigeon spent the afternoon in a friend's garden, so I was called in to advise (blind leading the blind). It was a portly creature, and just seemed tired, so I left it where it was and reported its ring number to the Royal Pigeon Racing Society. For the record, it was GB90 X79252, and I hope it will make its way to its owner.


abbey meadows said...

Some envious shots of orchids and blue butterflies. Kent is definately the place. I can't emulate what you have down there but I will try my best! Love the shot of Sainfoin

Kingsdowner said...

And I'm envious of your rivers and streams, dippers and grey wagtails....the grass is always greener....!

Mary said...

Full of beautiful things! The yellow flowers are gorgeous, but the pink against the chalk in the background was ever better! Is that a path to walk on winding in that one photo?? If so, I would break my neck trying to stay on it! However, the photo effect is great :-) Poor pigeon...hope it finds the way home.

Mary said...

I forgot to mention the butterfly! I love the wings..both sides. Really pretty.

NW Nature Nut said...

Is the Sainfoin related to Lupine? It sure looks a lot like it. The butterflies are beautiful. I always enjoy photos of them. I know how hard it is to get them to sit still long enough for a picture.