Sunday, 1 June 2008

Rye Harbour

The annual pilgrimage to Rye Harbour for the breeding gulls and terns did not disappoint - plenty of chicks, noise and the smell of fish.

Avocets, Shelduck, LRPs and Wheatears all had youngsters, and the Avocet below made great show of shooing visitors away.

BHG chick

Mediteannnean Gulls were mostly nesting away from the hide but one was conveniently close, for easy comparison with the 'Black'-headed Gulls.

A Redshank obligingly stood on one leg on a post, keeping an eye on passers by.
There was also a Terek Sandpiper there, causing great excitement as it the previous arrivals in the UK are numbered in single figures - a nice little bird - light coloured with bright yellow legs and an Avocet-shaped bill.


Mary said...

Looks like a wonderful place to spend the day! The chicks are cute and it is hard to believe they end up looking like those parents :-) I like the beach shot! The Mediterannean Gull has a blacker head than the "black-headed" gull! I guess someone saw the wrong one first. The Redshank photos are great. I love when birds stand around on one leg.....I always wonder why??

me ann my camera said...

This looks like a wondeful place and definitely a camera paradise! I just have to get to the coast soon. Great birds, great pictures.