Sunday, 15 June 2008

Summerhouse Hill

According to Wikipedia, the hill's name derives from a gazebo which was built on the summit of the hill by the Drake-Brockman family who used to own the land. However, the gazebo was burnt to the ground by a prankster on Guy Fawkes night in 1935.
The Drake-Brockman family in earlier times (1700s?) with the downs in the background. The OS map shows a Temple Pond which I assume is the one in the painting, and a curious clump of trees on the right of the skyline in the first picture is marked as 'Brockman's Bushes'.

The hill towers an astonishing 148 metres above sea level, so the climb was an exhausting 100 metres from the road [who am I, Chris Bonnington?]

Good views along the Downs to France to the east, and across Romney Marsh to Duingeness and Fairlight to the west. On the top, just a few skippers, moths and Small Heaths, a scattering to CS Orchids and a clump of Houndstongue.


Mary said...

Great history! Everything about England seems so "old" and full of history. Always reminds me how youthful our country really is. How neat to stand on a hill and see France! Terrific view, but I'm glad it was you making the climb and not me :-) When are you going to visit your little owl again?

Kingsdowner said...

Mary, I'm a historian at heart, so I tend to look backwards.
England isn't all Olde Worlde, but the older bits are prettier.
I'll make a note to get modern!

Re Owl, I'm waiting for the fledglings to show themselves.

Mary said...

I agree about the beauty of the older bits of your country :-) I got to spend 10 days roaming around old castle ruins in Wales one year and thought it was wonderful. Probably the best vacation I every took.

Anonymous said...

Google has the information about the Summerhouse right - we (and I am a Drake-Brockman) always knew it as "Brockman's Folly"

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks for the interesting information - any other details about the area woul be welcomed

sb93 said...

easy to to skeptical but well worth a read and something Id like to view in a weeks time on the solstice - the MOD signs do not encourage me to walk up the hill in the dark !