Saturday, 12 July 2008

More (or rather, fewer) Kittiwakes

There was a brief exchange of emails on the Kent Ornithological Society network this week, about the continued fall in Kittiwake numbers on the Dover cliffs. Another visit showed that most of the chicks (or rather the few visible ones) had grown, but there was evidence of failure.

Empty nests

The warmer and humid conditions have been good for hoverflies and other insects, and my task of mowing the lawn was lightened by disturbing about five Yellow Underwing moths, as well as numerous unidentifieds. There was also my first Gatekeeper of the year attracted to the buddleia.
Weld on the old railway track

On the old railway track behind Langdon cliffs the alternating sun and cloud produced good views of butterflies, which would stay on their chosen flowers when the sun went in.
Meanwhile, the Little Owls are also growing (one of the two always scrambling into the hole when danger threatens, the other looking cool and confident).
Ain't that right, son?


Ipin said...

Brilliant Little owl shots, especially the winking one!

We were ringing Kitti's today, but not sure of the colony has decreased this year?

Mary said...

I see that you are busy hanging off the cliffs again. Great photos of the birds on the ledges. Nice variety of butterlies and love those purple flowers. Great owl shots! Always love seeing them!

Boulmer Birder said...

Hello KD, great butterfly pics...