Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Two young Ospreys have been electronically tagged in the nest at Loch Garten in Scotland, and their paths on their first migration can be tracked via the RSPB website.

Idly browsing today, I saw that one has just passed us, flying almost over my place of work:
There have been a number of Osprey sightings reported on the East Coast in the last few days - perhaps of this individual. I'm surprised that the Planet Thanet lads didn't see it pass over.
Back in Kingsdown, there are still plenty of Mediterranean Gulls on the fields, on the beach or on the sea depending on the time of day. This evening they and Black-Headed Gulls were catching insects over the rifle range.

No more Whinchats have been seen, but there were four Wheatears today.
The Common Blue butterflies were few, but there seemed to have been an explosion in whites - mostly Small Whites but also occasional Green-Veined Whites.


Mary said...

Your first 4 pictures aren't showing up for me for some reason. The others are there. Will check again later.

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Soory about the deletion. I have photos now. Maybe it was my problem (I seem to have several this morning). I like that Green-veined White butterfly...unusual...never seen it.

Kingsdowner said...

Mary - don't worry, the problem afflicted other computers so I scrapped the pics and started again!