Monday, 29 September 2008


A few updates after the events of the weekend... the expected north westerlies brought more visible migration but nothing 'special' - how demanding are we?
Plenty of warblers including this Chiffchaff, and a darkish brown one, but I'm not going to speculate (much).....
Remember our scrawnbag? - I found it (or one very like) on the ground nearby with an injured wing surrounded by feathers - as predicted it'd been hit by a predator, but had managed to escape - it flew with difficulty into the hedgerow.

The Hythe Osprey has finally flown south(ish) after just over a month at Brockhill. He doesn't seem to be going in quite the right direction..... the RSPB site describes him as: still flying, he has missed the Azores. He was at an altitude of 500m and has so far flown 1978miles (3185km). The facts are now clear - on his current course the next landfall is 2470 miles (4000km) away in Suriname,South America - that distance is 3-4 days away.
The female has also left Britain at the same time, and is in Brittany. I suppose that the best that they could say would be 'So long, and thanks for all the fish!'

There was a Great Grey Shrike behing Ripple church on the weekend, and being 'elusive' I managed to miss it three times, or as SteveR delicately put it: 'Three shrikes and you're out'. Ha bloody ha.

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Mary said...

I hope your wounded pidgeon makes it. It is interesting that they can track the ospreys so acurately....hmmm, wasn't that line for the porpoises? (my husband and son are big Douglas Adams fans)