Sunday, 5 October 2008

Cap Gris Nez (day 2)

Cap Gris Nez from Cap Blanc Nez

One of the reasons for my interest in the remarkable sightings from Cap Gris Nez on Friday was our imminent visit to France yesterday. Things had quietened down considerably as the wind swung round to the SW, and very few birds were reported by the French observers (apart from 1172 Gannets).
The weather was good for the morning crossing and we were accompanied by a host of Kittiwakes (kits in the wakes), with plenty of Gannets crossing our path. Three Little Gulls and one Med Gull were seen, as well as three Skuas which we reckoned were one Arctic and two Pomeranian.
The rest of the day was spent eating and shopping (being with a group of avi-atheists and auk-gnostics) but a flock of about 40 Sanderlings was on Calais beach.

As the return crossing-time approached, the wind built up to a gale (hurricane Laura), and we spent a couple of hours (not uncomfortable) bobbing around off Kingsdown, waiting for a safe entrance to the harbour.


Mary said...

Maybe you can convert those avi-atheists and auk-gnostics :-) Looks like a very cold and blustery day. What sort of temps do you have this time of year? Lovely shots of the birds in the air....I always have trouble getting good flight shots.

Tony Morris said...

Yes, looks like a Pom to me. Arctic's central feathers would be pointed, and the general shape looks good.

me ann my camera said...

You have a nice, lengthy yard(garden) list and I see you have a Starling too, there are lots in my neighborhood but they haven't stopped by yet.

The Hare Bells in the photo in my flower post are growing in bits of soil collected in crevices and uneven rock ledges along our river. I placed another photo on my post to show you what it is like there. I don't think we have any chalk around at all. Glad that you enjoyed them.

NW Nature Nut said...

Wow, you are up to 20 birds! Eeek! I better get out there and rustle some bushes and get some more!