Sunday, 26 October 2008

Ospreys' progress

Since August I've been following the progress of two Osprey chicks from Scotland that had tracking devices fitted - one (a male) stayed near Hythe for a month, then set off in a slightly wrong direction and presumably ditched exhausted into the Atlantic.
The female spent a similar time in southern England, around Oxford, then made steady progress south across western France, across the Med (not via Gibraltar) then across the Sahara. She is now in Senegal, near the Senegal River and lakes which should provide a good food supply.
While checking her current position, I noticed a strange moon-crater-like image, and zooming in can see that it is a village. The layout of houses and enclosures is clearly shown, and there are clues about the inhabitants' lifestyle.


Rambling Woods said...

How interesting to be able to follow the birds. Too bad about the one who went the wrong way. I enlarged the photos, but don't really know what I am looking at..

Mary said...

I think that is fascinating to see exactly where they are going. Poor "wrong way Osprey". Should have stuck with the lady...maybe she's carrying a GPS :-)