Sunday, 19 October 2008

Subtle change in the weather

A subtle change in the weather has brought more birds to the feeders, including a new arrival of tits (sorry Michelle) but regrettably nothing new for the October list.

A very surprising arrival was this Snow Bunting, which is hanging around beside (and sometimes on) a quiet road near St Margarets. Congratulations to Phil the finder (on a bicycle) and thanks to Tony for the directions.
I saw that one had turned up in Northumberland and wondered how many months it would be before one would be sighted in Kent this winter - there's always a surprise waiting around the corner.
(Thanks PPW for the better photo.)


abbey meadows said...

Looks like birders are finding good stuff on two wheels. Boulmer birder is the latest one to try this out and I'm sure if he keeps this up he will find a good bird or two.

Kingsdowner said...

Makes sense, but it's hard work if you find nothing. Hopefully this may encourage BB.

Rambling Woods said...

I saw my name and thought..what? And then I remembered..LOL...You might have some very disappointed males coming to your blog having googled for something else...These birds are so colorful, I enjoyed seeing photos of them. --Michelle--

NW Nature Nut said...

What kind of tit is the second photo. It is a beauty. --The other Michele

Mary said...

I love that top photo! The snow bunting is great, too. I've never seen one before and it is very beautiful and soft looking. I'm not adding to my list very quickly. My winter arrivals are being slow to show up. If the goal was the "most of any bird" I'd win with my flock of goldfinches! I have at least 50 showing up now. I counted 30 on the deck swarming the niger seed and another 20+ on the driveway eating whatever I threw out there! They don't leave much for anyone else.

Greenie said...

Steve ,
Your last two posts certainly show the advantage of living near the coast .
It's scratching about time here .
Nice one with the Snow Bunting .

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks for the comments all.

Michele, it's a Blue Tit. They should be emptying the feeders regularly from now on.