Saturday, 22 November 2008

Stumpy's Back!

A cold brisk north-westerly today, promising some surprises on the sea.
Hello, who's this in my favourite seawatching spot? I drew back to avoid scaring the bird off, then reached out my arm with the camera to take some speculative shots - it remained unperturbed, so I slunk off, relinquishing my post.
A flock of Black-Headed Gulls loafed around on the surf, waiting for any tidbits to be washed up, while a stream of Great Black-Backed Gulls floated north into the wind. But apart from a Red-Throated Diver and some Brent Geese also flying north, there was little else to see.

Later, I went to check out the newly-renovated sea-watching hide at the end of Deal pier (they call it a cafe, but what do they know?)
Impressive design, and nicely full of punters - and the usual sea-watching corner, where we lurked out of the wind by the disabled toilet, has also been improved. Seating, no less!
And yes, Stumpy the Turnstone is back, for the umpteenth year in succession, still feeding off the anglers' rubbish.
A bit unsteady on the one leg, but it gets by.


Rambling Woods said...

Now that is an impressive bird with one leg. Amazing how animals can adapt. You asked about electrical current and bird feeders. I don't have any scientific information on that. My friend who rehab squirrels doesn't like them, but many people use them....

New Rambling Woods Site

Mary said...

That sea looks stormy and cold! I like that close-up of the Cormorant...I've only seen them at a distance and it is nice to see their features better. Poor Stumpy, but he must be a real trooper to come back more than one year. It's a pretty bird.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. I wasn't aware of stumpy. Will have a look if I find the time to get to the pier this winter. Your cormorant is actually a shag.


Kingsdowner said...

Thanks Peter, I stand corrected.
I assume it's an immature, with white on the chin?

me ann my camera said...

How heartwarming to see the one-legged bird. Yesterday, amid the blustery snow squalls we were experiencing, I spied a Blue Jay with an injured leg and it was only using the one. I worried over its survival but your post today brings a bit of optimistic hope. Earlier this fall we had a one-legged Junco visiting.

A Portland Backyard said...

Great photos and gorgeous birds. We have seen quite a few one-legged birds this year in the yard. I don't know what's going on but it can't be good. Great post!