Tuesday, 9 December 2008

RIP Oliver Postgate

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there were two overgrown boys called Oliver and Peter.

And Peter lived on a farm near Canterbury. It was a rather unusual farm because it didn't grow any crops and there were no sheep or cows, but it was the home of Ivor the Engine, Noggin the Nog, the Clangers and of course Bagpuss.

And there they made the most beautiful, the most brilliant, funny old Small Films in the whole wide world.

Very sad news that Oliver Postgate has left us.

But he has left us with some wonderful memories.
A brief programme is here.


Warren Baker said...

A sad loss indeed Kingsdowner. Didn't he do ''The Herbs'' My all time favorite.

Mary said...

The video was interesting....always sad to lose a talented person who makes people smile.

Steve Gale said...

I always thought that his narration was under rated - such a calm, soporific voice that complimented the charming films that he made.

Tony Morris said...

They played some of his election spoof on Have I got news for you tonight. At the time it was considered so subversive it was only shown once!