Saturday, 17 January 2009

Green shoots of recovery

A walk in the woods today, to see if there are any green shoots of recovery from the cold snap yet.
Broom was flourishing in a clearing,beyond a pile of logs thoughtfully left as a bug habitat. I could find no Butcher's Broom though.
A clump of Caper Spurge looked bright in the winter sunshine, and further on a shoot still bearing its poisonous berries was found.Plenty of blurred life, including singing and chasing Marsh Tits, Nuthatches, GreatSpots and a Treecreeper.

On the way home, I stopped by the row of twisted gnarled old Sweet Chestnuts, and finally (checking out the undercliff) I came across three bright shoots of early spring - Coltsfoot.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
It would be nice to think that Winter is over , but we still have February to contend with .
Nice to see the Coltsfoot in flower.

Warren Baker said...

Spring is in the air!! February is just 28 days, and then it's all systems go!!

me ann my camera said...

Wow... Coltsfoot! It is probably the first wildflower I will find in the spring, but it will definitely not be until near the end of March when it appears. No snow in your area?

Kingsdowner said...

I'm sure that it'll be a while before spring is really sprung, but days like yesterday lift the spirits.
Ann, I was astonished to see the Coltsfoots (feet?) especially as the site has had frozen easterlies blowing at it for the last two weeks.

Mary said...

Love all this green stuff! Our temperature is coming back up, too. I did not like that cold. I like the fungi and the big twisty tree! Cool! I see lots of those "blurred shots" through the twigs. At least you figure out what blurred bird you are seeing!

abbey meadows said...

Lovely shots of the Chestnuts. I only know of a single tree up here. It is normally the end of February when we see Colsfoot in flower.