Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year's Day dip

The most interesting sight during a morning's wander in woodland and undercliff was of a couple of Grey Seals enjoying a New Year's Day dip.

In accordance with my usual principles, I did not spend the first day of the year dashing around collecting species, but calmly enjoyed the scenery. This was a poor strategy, as the murky weather restricted visibility to a mile or so.
For the record, a few Red-Throated Divers and auks were seen among plenty of Great Crested Grebes on the sea, while the resident Black Redstart gave the paltry list some style.
On the way to work this morning, the Waxwing flock was refound by B&Q.


Goosey said...

Lovely pics, are these off the coast in the south east? I've seen them off the coast further north but how great to see them.

Tony Morris said...

Happy new year Steve, from "exiled in Lancs" (just till Monday).

Mary said...

Does this make the Grey Seals members of the "Polar Bear Club"? Great nice to live near a sea and see things like this.

Warren Baker said...

Well done for rescuing the Tawny owl steve!!

North West Birds said...

I've always liked Seals!

Nice sighting.