Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sunday Morning, Praise the Dawning

Early Sunday morning (for about a minute) was the only part of the day to see the sun. We spent that minute on the Prince of Wales pier in Dover.


Warren Baker said...

A full minute of sunshine! thats one more than I saw on sunday. Look out for next week, it's gonna be blowing that cold easterly again!

NW Nature Nut said...

Lovely photo. I hope that wind you are going to get (previous commenter) won't adversely affect your bird count for the Great Bird Count of February. (insert evil cackle). Tee hee!

Kingsdowner said...

Evil Grackle!
If there's a blast of cold air (again) it'll drive the continantal birds into the garden :-}

If it comes to sheer numbers, the hundreds of Wood Pigeons would help considerably.

Mary said...

Lovely dawn shot!

Warren Baker said...

Ive signed up for the big february bird count. just to keep the brits end up!