Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Tree Sparrow

A post from the North Downs reminded me of visits that we received from Tree Sparrows in the hard winters of the mid-1980s. We lived in a little mid-terraced house, but put out seed on the snow and they found it.

That was in the days before Cettis Warblers, Little Egrets and overwintering Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps, and when photos were taken with trusty Zenith E cameras. This one was probably in 1982/3.


Mary said...

What a difference the new cameras make to the old way. That Tree Sparrow looks a lot like the House Sparrows. I'm going to have to get a book of British birds and study them more.

Steve Gale said...

A north downs Tree Sparrow! A 2009 rarity!

Kingsdowner said...

Mary, thanks for your comment.....I guess our Tree Sparrows are similar to yours. Except rarer.

Steve, do you have any records up there these days?

Steve Gale said...

Sad to say Kingsdowner, away from Beddington SF, it is a very rare sight indeed.