Friday, 20 March 2009

Violets galore!

It seems to be a great spring for violets, which are carpeting large areas of my and surrounding lawns. There's pink ones, white ones and purple ones, in unusual profusion.
The colours glow in the early morning light, welcoming another sunny day.
There seems to be a brief dawn chorus at about 5.30, after which the birds get on with the serious businesses of the day -
- for Collared Doves that means sitting around on the telephone wires, while Dunnocks chase each other around.

On another subject, I've always been drawn to steps leading down to the sea.
There's something about the green weed that grows ever thicker as the steps descend, the invariably rusty ironwork, and the random patterns that the gently swirling water makes around the bottom.
Is it me, or are others similarly affected?


Warren Baker said...

Hi Steve,
The violets are out in great profusion in my garden too.

NW Nature Nut said...

I agree, I like a nice patch of bright green moss too.

Mary said...

Love all the violets! Your white ones are really white! I have some I call white that are really more pale purple, I guess. I let the violets spread all over my yard. They grow better than the grass sometimes and are prettier :-) Those steps look ingtriguing in your photo....and steep and slippery.