Sunday, 3 May 2009

May bank holiday postcard

Just a few notes from the bank holiday weekend so far - early purple orchids and cowslips at Great Shuttlesfield Farm.
Fiddleheads of bracken - I gathered a few and cooked them, with good results - tasky and fine texture. There is a thought that they might be carcinogenic, so that might reduce their use as food : Warning - may contain carcinogens.

This huge brute barred my way on a walk. Standing over a metre high, Dexter cattle look ridiculous but do a good job keeping downland cropped.
The first dragonfly of the spring, rejoicing under the name of broad-bodied chaser.

A confiding dunnock

On another trip to Dungeness, we saw what seemed to be an 'event' going on. We left this strangely-occupied group and sat on the beach. Some kind of small brown bird flew past us, which seemed to excite the distant crowd. Funny what people do on bank holiday weekends.


Warren Baker said...

blimey, i'm glad we don't have cattle like that on my patch!

excellent dragonfly pics.

Mary said...

I think I like the fiddleheads to look at rather then eat, so I won't worry about the carcinogens, but I've been duly warned, thank you. Wow...BIG cattle! He would succeed in scaring me off without any problem! Love the dragonfly! It has a pretty color. Can't wait to see more of them here. I'm sure I can see you in that crowd....funny what people do indeed!