Saturday, 9 May 2009

Small Blues

They're here! The Kingsdown 'Campbells Garage' colony of Small Blues has emerged into a rather chilly wind, and I counted ten of the tiny things flying weakly over the pebbles and vegetation.
Their food plant, kidney vetch, is not particularly prolific on this site, but clearly there is enough to supply their needs.
Also seen on this patch were common blues, small heaths, a small copper and a ragged painted lady, perhaps just flown in from North Africa? It's incredible to think of these long journeys, and for what? Even if they breed, the larvae won't survive the winter. Do they migrate back south again? I think we should be told.
On this patch of land just off the beach, small hardy plants survive, with lichen currently parched to a crisp with the lack of rain.
Silverweed is one such plant. The foliage is often seen but I don't recall noticing the flowers so often.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
Those Small Blues look so fresh .
I feel a trip coming on .
I take it the Mint Beetle shot was for Warren .

Kingsdowner said...

You'll be very welcome Mr G!

Sorry, I've missed the remark about Warren, but perhaps we'd better draw a veil 8-o

abbey meadows said...

Wonderful shots of a magical butterfly. Don't get those up here!

Mary said...

I always love your butterflies. I don't ever see blue ones, although I suppose there are some out there somewhere. The Silverweeed is pretty.