Thursday, 18 June 2009

An open letter

An open letter to the Chief Vice-President, Blogspot Inc.

Dear Sir (or, in the unlikely event....madam),

It has been brought to my attention that an arbitrary limit has been put on the number of images by your organisation. This action discriminates against those bloggers among us who have little to say, but have many images which we believe (rightly or wrongly) are worth sharing with the wider world.

Does this mean that blogging will grind to a halt, and will history show a golden age of art and knowledge in the last years of the first decade of the twenty-first century?

Where will it all end?

  • Will Youtube seek to limit the number of clips of the same TV programme?
  • Will Spotify curtail the number of versions of My Way?
  • Will Ebay only allow one supplier to show a product?
  • Will Flickr prevent too many pictures of pets doing amusing things?
I was anticipating posting annual images of various flowers, depending on the season. Must I delete old photographs of bee orchids from last year and the year before that, so I may post more of the same from this year? If it is June, it must be orchids, thistles and brown butterflies.

I ask you to reconsider your intemperate decision.


Disgruntled of Kingsdown

Warning - you are approaching the limit on the numbers of photographs that you may post.
Please delete the crap ones to continue using this facility.


Mary said...

Oh, dear. I hope you don't have to remove old ones. I remember nearing a limit last year and starting to remove stuff and throwing out posts that I didn't want to throw out and being really upset, but then for a fairly reasonable amount I bought space and now seem to have plenty again.

DOT said...

This is outrageous! Do you have an e-mail address or site to start a spam bomb? I am sure you are not alone in resenting this censorious attitude.

Appalachian Lady said...

Gee--I haven't paid much attention to the limits--will check that out. Maybe that will make me back up my posts onto my computer!

NW Nature Nut said...

I have the same concerns. I just plan to start a new blog and a new account. I figure I have a year or two before I max mine out. I post a lot of photos and big ones too. Maybe they will change this. Can you pay to increase the size. That's how they getcha I bet.

Warren Baker said...

Here Here steve!

They catch you by giving you a certian amount of gigs. then once your hooked they expect you to but more! Greenie had to delete his archive last week.

PS thanks for calling in the RED KITE for me on you last comment. Another one came over my patch today!

Mark K said...

You could always host new photos on your Flickr account and copy and paste the html to show them on your blog. (There's also a "Blog this" button which presumably does the same thing.)

Kingsdowner said...

Some good ideas there, ladies and gentlemen. I've learned a lot.

Mary....springcleaning is often a good thing, but not an attractive option as the weather warms up;

David...thanks for the support (loved your last post btw)

AppLady...hi....we're all learning from this;

Michele...Mary indicates that there is a pay option....Mary, any info?

Warren....are you sure it's not the same kite?

Mark....thanks for the tech knowhow....I've had a play and it might be a good way of forcing me to reduce the number of pics. Or I could copy your composite method!

Overall....I could benefit from a good clean-out, and also should post more concisely Lesson learned, thanks all.

Warren Baker said...

It's almost certainly the same kite. 2 at most :-)

Mary said...

I'm trying to remember. Maybe it was under "my account" on the dashboard? Somewhere I saw an option to add more photo space...possibly on the Picasa web album page that you access from the dashboard. I was down to about 2% and now I am actually using larger photos and have only used 25% of the space I bought last August. I use tons of photos.