Wednesday, 3 June 2009

~ A ringed plover's scrape is his castle ~

Walking along Sandwich Bay beach road, I heard a ringed plover call nearby. I wouldn't have seen it if it had stayed quiet.
It seemed to have become attached to an impressive sandcastle. Clearly a bird with aspirations.
Is this a reflection on the state of the housing market in this area - even larger homes are becoming affordable to those who have a deposit.

Good to see small blues on the rifle range, which means that they are along a stretch of beach that is 1½ miles long, rather than just confined to the main site. There's plenty of kidney vetch here, so the colony may increase if conditions are favourable.

Elsewhere - a handsome moth, the name of which I know not. Probably called something like common mottle or some such (I have little respect for the names of moths - there are so many that inspiration seemed to run out early).
As it's June, it's time to lurk in the woods at dusk, waiting for the 'wart' of roding woodcock and the 'churr' of nightjars at King's Wood. None of the former, but a good display by a couple of nightjars, flying over us a few times as the light faded. I expect they were attracted by SteveR's morris dance.
Sharp-eyed readers (where?) may have noticed the tilde in the title. This is a warning sign to young Kingsdowners that there is a picture of a snake, slow worm, lizard or other wiggly beast, the sight of which might send them screaming. So you have been warned. This is a nice little harmless grass snake, found under a casually-turned refugia (refugium?).

I refuse, however, to put an asterisk * if a picture of a spider is displayed. You know who I mean, you wuss.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
To me , the burning question is , where do the LRPs get the buckets and spades from ?
I know you won't sleep till you know that your moth is a Burnet Companion !
I bet you couldn't wait to get back to lurking in the woods at dusk again .
Like the Grass Snake shot .

Mary said...

At first I thought I was seeing a Killdeer...mostly because that is what I would expect to see here. I like that castle...I'd pick a castle to live in, too. Snakes are long as they are in pictures.

Warren Baker said...

I'm a woos, I hate spiders!!!

João MC Santos said...

Fabulous this Blog and photographies