Monday, 13 July 2009

The Kingsdown Brand

Since 1995 the precious water of Kingsdown has been collected, bottled and sold to high-class establishments, putting the village on the map. I'll resist the temptation to comment on the comparable quality of our tap-water, which is presumably drawn from a similar source, filtered through millions of years-worth of chalk to an undreamed-of purity (sell by date on the bottle = 29 April 2011).

Talking of maps, I bought one of Kent dated 1824, which is before the railways changed the demography for good (with the exception of Swindon and Crewe). It shows "every Parish & Place containing upwards of 40 houses", and there not many of them.
Our village is shown as 'Kingswould', an amalgam of Ringwould and Kingsdown that I've seen before, but am not sure if any contemporary would have claimed to live there. More likely it is a recording error, or maybe the hamlets amalgamated temporarily to achieve the 40-dwelling threshold.

And while on the subject of wrinkled old relics ......... it's time to meet the members of the band:

The Kingsdown Band is celebrating its 20th anniversary - they started out 1989 when two of them, Terry and Roger, discovered that they had a similar background, playing the clubs of Hamburg in the 1960s.
Line-ups changed and members have come and gone, but they remain true to the principle of having a good time, and audiences are soon up and dancing.
Starting as a tight four-piece, they soon attracted a brass section from the old Marines in Deal, and have now added other musicians bringing the squad up to 12, making the amplification a nightmare, assuming that all the band can fit on the stage.
They've given us some great times, and have done more than their share of gigs for charity - well done lads!


Greenie said...

Steve ,
I bet you remember living in Kingswould .
And you had the nerve to have a go at 'The Boss' .
I bet they can be heard in Canterbury when they get up a good head of steam .
Long may they go on giving pleasure .

DOT said...

So glad you provided the map - I had imagined you were more inland, near Sittingbourne as the Google map indicates - I was born in Folkestone a long time ago so it makes your walks all the more poignant.

I love the expression of the young man on the left of the second pic of the band. Does he wish he was elsewhere, or not?

Kingsdowner said...

I'm sure that the band all worship Springsteen, although he doesn't show up on the playlist. A bit heavy, perhaps?
Yes, that's us, in Hellfire Corner looking at France. Folkestone's probably changed a bit, and not for the better.
You're right about the lad on the left, but the one five from the left is enjoying it!

Warren Baker said...

Interesting olde map Steve. Good old days eh?
I'll ask Greenie about them. :-)