Thursday, 6 August 2009

Kingsdown miscellaneous

It's amazing what you find when kicking around in short grass.......congratulations to the local golf club on its centenary. A patch of rough holds a miriad of plants - harebells, lady's bedstraw, thistles, knapweeds and - in the right season - a good number of orchids.
They say that playing is game of golf is a good walk ruined...... you could say the same with nature photography.
To my great delight, however, on the golf course there is a small colony of small blues, which I saw before I realised that there is a narrow strip of thin grass with kidney vetch dotted among it.
That's three or four colonies in Kingsdown, all within a mile or so of each other, so hopefully a strong enough community to keep going if conditions are right.

On the beach, a plant that confused me for a good while, thinking it was a type of ragwort - I now reckon (with the help of Mr Philp) that it's sticky groundsel.
On the range, the wasp spiders have emerged, with half a dozen females close to where I found one last year.


Dave J. said...

Very nice pictures, keep it up.

Greenie said...

Steve ,
You're certainly not short of Small Blues down there . Second helpings too . I've never found a second brood .
Haven't seen a Wasp Spider for a couple of years either .

Warren Baker said...

Now I like that Wasp spider. Nice!

Mary said...

Hope the butterflies dodge the golf balls. Wonderful spider...rather fearsome if beautiful.