Saturday, 5 September 2009

Back to buzzards, devil's bit and blues

OK, I'm sorry, this will be the last time I write about devil's bit scabious, but just look........

As predicted, the thousands of flower-heads are opening to give drifts of lilac-blue across Lydden Downs.
There were few butterflies to enjoy the blooms, just an occasional white, meadow brown, painted lady, small copper, small heath and adonis blue.
I assume that this faded butterfly, shacked up for the evening with a ladybird in her nest, is an adonis brown.
Above the down, two of the three buzzards were seen, constantly harrassed by crows.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
Obviously no Rabbit problems with the Devil's Bit Scabious down your way .
You will be OK if you get a venomous bite , or your 'almonds' swell up , no not those , your tonsils , as DBS was used for both in days of old , as you probably remember well .

Warren Baker said...

That's a stunning vies of the DBS. Can't get too much of that!

Charlie P said...

Nice pics Steve. Lots of scabious down here too, the loveliest of meadow flowers - a joy to walk through drifts of them in the early autumn sun.

Mary said...

Show all you want...the color is beautiful. Love the photo with the butterfly and ladybird :-)