Friday, 30 October 2009

Everything in the garden is rotting

Mrs K reported a sudden occurence around the compost heap - a couple of dozen large fungi (no names, but they're not hard to identify!). I picked a few, and discarded all but the one that was free of worms - very tasty it was too.
Looking around the garden, it seems that fungi are shooting up all around - a host on the so-called lawn that has been a dust-bowl for the past few months, and more in the borders and on the roadside.
The drive to work was 'top-down' with relish, as it may be the last this year.
"Nevermore" (OK, it's a crow, not a raven)


me ann my camera said...

The first picture reminds me of 'over easy eggs' very attractive looking.but they wouldn't even be an appetizer for me.
The spruce grouse is a game bird and manydo end up in stew pots of hunters. I much prefer camera hunting. thank you for your comments.

Warren Baker said...

The weather is on the change now steve, more fungi to come!

Kingsdowner said...

Warren, the weather certainly has changed....more like the Sundays of old (yuk).