Thursday, 1 October 2009


When I visit unfamiliar nature reserves I take a photograph of the sign that is sure to be in the car park, so when I get lost as I'm sure to do, I have a chance of finding my way.
The drought (for it is such, after only a centimetre of rain in September) continues. This slough - fine word! - is dry, leaving a bed of foliage (water milfoil?) in the bottom. And a discarded tyre.
Poor conditions for finding fungi, or mushrooms, or toadstools, although Daniel of Fungi Forays reckons that they "should perk up in a week or two when the temperature drops".
I think it's a pity that the word toadstool seems to be little used nowadays - and I like the theory that the word derives from the German Todesstuhl (death's chair).
I can just imagine an invading Saxon or Angle trying to engage a fleeing Celt in conversation.....
"Und wir callen diesen Dingen <Todesstuhlen>, ja?"
"Yes bach, cracking word I'm sure, now I must be goin' "
Mrs K reckons that just touching a fungus is likely to give you food poisoning, which is, of course, rubbish.
Ooh er, I feel a bit.... if you'll excuse me.........


Greenie said...

Steve ,
I wouldn't put money on the first fungi , but the second is Scleroderma citrinum-Common Earthball . The other three are of the Lepiota family , either L.racodes-Shaggy Parasol or L.procera-Parasol Mushroom . I hope Daniel is right , few and far between at the moment .
You didn't say where you were , or was that in German ?

Kingsdowner said...

I have a policy of not naming fungi, as I wouldn't want to mislead, with dire consequences.
And that's a good screen to hide my ignorance behind.
Ich war an das Warren neben Ashford.

Warren Baker said...

someone mention my name ? Good idea about photographing the signs!!

Anonymous said...

I love finding fungi, they are so interesting in their variety but, oh, the difficulty in putting a name to them. It is not so bad if they are brightly coloured and have a distinctive shape or habitat. It is only when you try to look an ordinary brown specimen up in a book that you find there are dozens looking very similar. Very wise leaving identification to the experts.

NW Nature Nut said...

Lesson learned? Always listen to the wife! ha ha!

Kingsdowner said...

Michele, if you're going to make comments like that, you'll be banned! We know women are always right, we just pretend they aren't.

Jessica, thanks for visiting, and for validating my reason for not identifying.