Saturday, 14 November 2009

Gales, gales, gales

The usual seawatching point was compromised today by the waves whipped up by the southerly gales. A position was found that gave a little shelter from the wind, but not always from the spray, and the cliched tang of salt was on the lips. Exhilarating, though.
SteveR joined me after a while, but had soon had enough, not as hardy as I, and left for home [where have I read that before?]. He missed nothing but the glorious day, and the first fulmar of the winter.

Inland was safer, and although no birds were to be heard it was good to kick up the leaves.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
To prove we haven't all been locked up yet , spent 6 hours out hedgelaying in that yesterday .
Like the Coprinus and Mycena shots .

Kingsdowner said...

That must have been fun, Greenie. I assume that the hedges you laid won't blow down, anyway!
Coprinu and Mycena sound like a paid of classical lovers.
There was a goodly variety of fungi, but I particularly like the magpie.

Mary said...

The sea spray looks bracing! Nice mushrooms. You still have a lot of leaves on the trees...ours are down now.

NW Nature Nut said...

Beautiful photos and I love the spotted mushroom.