Monday, 21 December 2009

Stroll into Deal

With ice and snow preventing car use this weekend, the final Christmas shopping had to be done locally - in the village shops and in Deal, which is a not inconsiderable 4 miles away, along the coast. It was a lovely walk, with a holiday atmosphere as kids and adults applied themselves to the traditional pastimes of snow-man building, sledging, laughing and smiling.
This is why I love the snow.

There was a large number of amateur photographers clicking away at the photogenic sights, making the most of the beauty imparted by the covering of snow.
Walmer Castle

Carline thistle

The most photographed boats on the shore

Turnstones on the pier

Back at home, the feeders attracted coal tits, a male and a female blackcap (the first seen since the spring) and our acrobatic dunnock..... well as the usual crew.
It's great when you are known to have a hobby - people buy you nice hobby-related presents.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
Like the boats/creels shot .
What did you do to upset the buyer of the Robin ?

Mary said...

Wow..that boat shot is wonderful! Also love the Turnstones that seem to blend into the snow. Looks like just the right amount of snow to be enjoyable and not too hazardous. I envy your ability to walk to town....we have to drive everywhere.

GrahamH said...

Truly a great shot of the Deal boats. May have a chance for some more like that in the days to come!