Thursday, 11 February 2010

OK, enough already

The matrix signs on the motorway last night read "END" and were as inaccurate as usual - the traffic promptly stopped and remained that way for two hours, as we failed to come to grips with another snowfall. Admittedly this one broke the record for the amount of snow to fall in Kent, at Hawkinge just near where this camera is placed.
The Folkestone and Dover areas were hit hardest, with ice and snow closing many roads, and accidents closing more (including one that was close to home). Ferries were running fine, but unfortunately no customers could reach them.
Kaddy promised more.

The female blackcap stayed around the feeder in the front garden....
...while the aggressive male guarded the ones in the back.
A robin occasionally snuck in while he was chasing off blue tits from the peanuts, even though he never eats them himself.


Warren Baker said...

How incongruous to see a blackcap in the snow!

Greenie said...

Steve ,
You country people can handle a bit of snow , can't you ?
5 photos , 4 of them birds , good going for you .
The Blackcaps were my favoutites .
What does incongruous mean ?

Kingsdowner said...

Warren, they may be questioning their decision to hang around here instead of flying south this year.

Greenie, you townies should get your trucks off our roads.
I put Kaddie in for you, of course.

オテモヤン said...
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