Sunday, 28 March 2010

Birders excitedly pointing

It's a great sight, when you roll up at a place to try to see some birds, and a bunch of birders are there excitedly pointing at something. I rolled up at Bockhill early this morning, intending a stroll along the cliffs, and a gaggle of the Bockhill birders were indeed excitedly pointing at a clump of grass.
Jack had added yet another great find to his long list, and eventually a Fan-tailed Warbler/ Zitting Cisticola (don't ask) showed itself before flying high and far away.
Imagine for a moment that the bird above is a Zitting Cisticola (it isn't - it's a Meadow Pipit, but an illustration of some kind is called for). The Bockhillers probably got excellent photos, as the bird was more obliging before I got there, but I've no complaints.
A walk along the cliffs to Langdon Hole failed to find the Zitter (unsurprisingly) or indeed a Ring Ouzel that had been seen there (ditto), but three female Black Redstarts showed, and I was able to check on the nesting Kittiwakes. I reckon that there were about 50 birds at the Langdon end and 60 nearer St Margarets, with a small colony of about 15 nests in between. This is probably up on the last couple of years, albeit way down on a decade or so.
There are, however, plenty of predators in the wings........


Greenie said...

Steve ,
Just caught up on your last couple of posts .
Sounds like an exciting time with Zitt and Kite seen .
Great shot of the latter , shame about the Mipit .

Warren Baker said...

Dont suppose that zitter flew my way :-)

Kingsdowner said...

Greenie, glad to see that you're connected to the outside world again. More stunning pics are awaited.
Warren, the fact that the zitter was flying in the direction of Pittwood was duly noted, so you should look harder.
Incidentally, I have added a photo of a raven seen on the cliffs, after it was decided that security is not critical. Great sights of it flying and hopping around.

Mary said...

I like the photo of the bird on the path marker, no matter which bird it is :-) I'm always amazed at those birds on the cliffs and that you hang your head over to take their photos....brave soul.