Friday, 7 May 2010

Minorities among majorities

One of the closest pieces of woodland to the village, Seven Acre Wood, has generally been ignored because of the stories told by Mrs K that she was warned away from it as a girl, because of the gypsies. There's none there now, and after a kind email from Graham (once of this parish) I had a look, and was pleasantly surprised.
Not only are there about 40 Early Purple Orchids to be found, but other interesting plants including Herb Paris.
The orchids show red in a sea of blue, under the oppressive canopy that is gradually closing in, shutting out the light.
On Park Gate Down, their are a few spikes standing in the open, surrounded by the yellow of Cowslips. There seems to be more symbiosis here, but the yellow is stunted and hunched, a poorer showing than was expected.

Lady Orchids are unfurling their buds into their distinctive flowers at Yockletts bank, though whoever first called them "Lady" was spinning a strange line.

I often overlook Twayblades, because of their green colour, diminutive size and quiet demeanour, but close up they have their charm. Every minority is important in its own way.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
Haven't seen any Twayblades in full flower here .
Nothing to worry about with the gender of the Lady Orchids .
David Lang's 'Britain's Orchids' describes the broad central lobe as 'divided into two slightly rounded , wavy-edged lobes , sometimes with a median TOOTH ' ?
Any Monkey rosettes showing yet ?

Warren Baker said...

Bit of a hidden message in this post Steve??

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks for the description, Fred - too much information?

Warren, subliminal eh? I think Fred missed it.