Monday, 31 May 2010

That's it.....I'm emigrating

Early one morning last week, we noticed out of the window a cluster of colourful balloons, like in the film Up. Apart from taking a picture, I thought no more of it until I read that the little dot at the bottom was in fact an American, who successfully floated from England to France.
This seems a good idea to me, as the weather in the south-east has been almost unremittingly dreadful since October.

I think this spring could be more damaging to wildlife than the relatively hard winter. Goodness knows what insectivores are eating - there's hardly any insects around.
However, this bloated bug might make a good meal. I saw some this time last year too, but have no idea what they are.
Some weeks ago I posted a photo of a crab spider, camouflaged in white. This one is in its yellow guise - perhaps a changeling female or a standard-coloured male.
On Sandwich Bay the early Bedstraw Broomrapes are appearing - their identity can be checked by sniffing, as their other name, Clove-scented, suggests. It is not a dignified operation, though.

A brief spell of sunshine produced some Silver-Y moths, immigrants from across the Channel. This reminds me - where are all the Painted Ladies this year? I saw my first on 9th May last year and by the end of the month we were inundated. None have been reported in Kent I believe, suggesting that none have overwintered.
At last, as I write, a glimmer of sunshine - maybe I'll stay after all.


Warren Baker said...

If you're going steve, make some room for me! isn't it so depressing :-(

Greenie said...

Steve ,
What changed your mind ?
The number of balloons needed ?
Have only seen a handful of Painted Ladies reported , all Sussex and Hants .
Don't know your bug , but seen another on a site asking for ID , will keep an eye out for the answer .

Anonymous said...

Hi, That is a Bloody-nosed Beetle larva. Claire

Mary said...

Can you take your house along like in UP? Like the spider shots and the moth.