Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Never get enough bees

Whenever I see a Bee Orchid I think "I don't need another photograph of one of these" but I take one anyway because they are superb. Spider Orchids, both Early and Late, are strikingly similar but neither approaches the explosive zest for life that these little gems seem to show.
This week I've found them in a variety of habitats - in dry shadows beside the Channel Tunnel yards......
....and beside a lily pond......alongside the 14th fairway.
Also on the golf course was the greatest profusion of Goatsbeard clocks I've ever seen.

Returning to the Channel Tunnel, there is a line of this plant along the middle of the dry track (path, not railway). My original guess attracted some helpful corrections, and I now know what Common Cudweed looks like.

The Tawny Owl family is still around the garden, their strange noises accompanying the slurping of my cocoa.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
I take it that you didn't manage to stow away on a train then .
Didn't know Tawnies included cocoa in their diet .
Definitely been a good year for Goatsbeard .

Warren Baker said...

Classic Tawny photo Steve. Nice.

Kingsdowner said...

Fred, they fly down when I'm not looking and slurp away at the cocoa, through the straw.

Warren, it was fortunate they were on that branch silhouetted against the sky.

ascu75 aka Don said...

great stuff I will return to see more but country file has just started so gotta go.