Friday, 16 July 2010

Breeze brings birds back

The breeze that blasted up the channel disturbed our gentle life, and presumably tired some of the birds out to sea. Among the gulls resting on Kingsdown beach was a smart adult Mediterranean Gull, bearing (surprise, surprise) a ring which I'll report to the usual authorities.
Six waders flew in and landed on the sea wall, then quickly were off again - Dunlin, perhaps.
Meanwhile, just inland at Lydden.....
.... the second wave of summer has arrived, with Lady's Bedstraw, Marjoram, Weld and Mignonette striving for the attention of bees and butterflies, including a few Gatekeepers and some early Chalkhill Blues which this weekend will probably be joined by hundreds more to make the downland burst into life.
Mental note, however..... I won't take my camera, but will just sit and enjoy the wonderful sight of these butterflies, and the blissful scent of the downland herbs.
Finally, a moff, disguised as a birds-foot trefoil seed pod, looking coffee and strawberry ice-cream flavoured, just waiting to be named.


Warren Baker said...

That moff looks like the one featured on Greenies blog recently, some latin named thing ending in Purpluaris - something like that :-)

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks Warren, but another correspondent reckons it's a Oncocera semirubella, or Crimson Grass Moth (or Rosy-striped Knot-horn, which seems a better name).
Thanks again, Claire.