Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A la recherche du temps perdu

In remembrance of lost weather..... the sunny days of early summer are but a distant memory, and it's necessary to dig out some previously-unpublished photos of Hothfield Heathland to banish the grey-sky blues.
Summertime .... and the cottongrass was high. [Sorry]

Not Lesser Skullcap, but Lousewort

Marsh Cudweed

Marsh St John's Wort

Cross-leaved Heath


and Bog Asphodel, of which there seemed less this year?

Lurking in its funnel of a web, the Labyrith Spider Agelena Labyrinthica

Keeled Skimmer, a Hothfield speciality

Incidentally, I know as much about Proust as Nigel Molesworth.
'What hav you read, molesworth?

gulp gulp a rat in a trap.

'Proust, sir.'

'Come agane?'

'Proust, sir. A grate fr. writer. The book in question was swan's way.

'Gorblimey. Wot did you think of it, eh?'

'The style was exquisite, sir, and the characterisation superb. The long evocative passages - '

'SILENCE]' thunder GRIMES. There is no such book, impertinent boy. I shall hav to teach you culture the hard way. Report for the kane after prayers.'


DOT said...

As a Molesworth fan you might enjoy this site - http://www.stcustards.free-online.co.uk/

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks David, that's great fun!
I might have known that you would be a devotee :-)

Minnie said...

And the joke was on the master, of course: there is such a book (& it was written by Proust) chiz chiz chiz ... ;-)!
Have so enjoyed my visit to the English countryside. Thank you.

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting Minnie.
I enjoyed reading parts of your blog, but would take issue with the comment about England having eight months of winter!