Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Agoraphobia - the fear of fields.... a justifiable fear if the fields are full of 'orrible bity things. So you stay in, and are threatened by terrors there too..... like this Roesel's Bush Cricket that visited us at work.
This cricket apparently thrives in hot summers, so it's official - this is a hot summer. They don't need telling in Russia, or indeed the States, so how much more climate-change-denying will we have to put up with?
Less frightening is the Speckled Bush Cricket that I often find when gardening.

Big huge spiders are being found around the house now, but the speed of despatch - out of the door, not under a foot - precludes photographs.
The fear of insects is Entomophobia, and I have a pathological dread of identifying moths.

But who could worry about the dear little Brown Argus?
Looking up a list of phobias, I didn't realise that fear of flowers has a name - Anthophobia
What's my phobia? Claustrophobia..... don't fence me in.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
My phobia is of posting Rosel's Bush Cricket the same day as other bloggers .
Great female Brown Argus shot .
I think your moth is a well worn Light Emerald .
p.s. I think you've been invaded !

Kingsdowner said...

Fred, and I thought it was a Common Emerald - typical!
Scarily, Gadget at Planet Thanet also saw and posted a RBC on Monday.

Re the other invasion, I currently put up with these things to avoid the old password thing, but apologise to correspondents who get the junk.

Warren Baker said...

Like the Brown Argus shot Steve. I hate spiders, only the big house spiders though :-)

PS going to visit selbourne on the 20th :-)

Mary said...

I'll testify to the heat in the states! We have had several weeks of temps in the 100's and for southern Indiana, that is not normal. We are finally back around upper 80's low 90's that is normal. I'll go for that "fear of identifying..." but extend it to most bugs and many butterflies butterflies. I can't imagine anyone being afraid of flowers...wonder what they think they might do?? What do you call the "fear of fear itself"?

Tony Morris said...

The Emerald is a Common Emerald, note the "chequered" border.