Saturday, 28 August 2010

Village records

At last the clouds parted, the sun came out and beauty returned to the world. At six sites Autumn Ladies Tresses have emerged simultaneously, including on the green at Walmer, in people's gardens and at the lovely patch of meadow grassland in the middle of the village.
This small area also holds Autumn Gentian, Harebells, Burnet Saxifrage and plenty of Marjoram for the butterflies.
Eleven species of butterflies were listed, including two that I've not seen in the village before - an Adonis Blue and eight Chalkhill Blues, appropriately since the meadow is near Chalkhill Road.
Denis Harle's article in the Kingsdown History and Guide (1981) reports that the Adonis Blue, along with Silver-studded Blue and Silver-spotted Skipper "are species once recorded but now absent". Tony Pettit's later update (1989) adds that the Chalkhill Blue "has not been seen in recent years and seems to have disappeared altogether, possibly because the Horseshoe Vetch, its preferred food-plant, is now so scarce.

While viewing some Autumn Ladies Tresses over a hedge, I noticed this spindly plant - can anyone assist with its identification? [Thanks Phil... it's corn parsley Petroselinum segetum]

Fauna seen today included a Common Lizard on the piece of felt that I optimistically laid down on the rifle range,
.... my first Wasp Spiders of the year (one of which had caught a Common Blue) ..... and what I assume to be a Dark Bush Cricket, disturbed during my gardening work.


Phil said...

I'm wondering whether your mystery plant might be corn parsley Petroselinum segetum?

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks Phil, that looks good. I'll check out the leaves, just to be sure.

Greenie said...

Steve ,
Good news on the Adonis Blue , I've read several reports of new colonisation this year .
Good to get a result from the felt , and would agree with the Dark Bush Cricket .
Re. your plant , it looks like a member of the Pink family from here , but would like to see the flower to go further .

Anonymous said...

Since our meeting last weekend, I'm on the lookout for Autumn Ladies Tresses, and Adonis Blue.

Sounds like Walmer village green's quite the spot, very nice.

Steve Gale said...

Corn Parsley!!! That would be a tick!!!!

Kingsdowner said...

So Steve, just how far are you willing to go for another tick to add to your long list?

Charlie, good luck on the Tresses - the turf of the South Downs should be perfect for them.