Sunday, 5 September 2010

In search of the money shot

A year ago today I posted about the glorious show of Devil's Bit Scabious turning the hillsides at Lydden a lovely shade of blue/mauve. This season continues to be a week or two behind (strange how the cold spring affects later seasons) and the flowers are starting but not yet fully out - next week could be wonderful.

Plenty of Adonis Blue butterflies were flying despite overcast conditions, and the thought occured that an Adoinis on a Devil's Bit would be quite a sight..... and make quite a picture. Much leaping around provided photos of the butterfly on the flower, but never on an open bloom, nor would they open their wings. So much for the money shot.

Thirty-five Adonis Blues were counted, and four Silver-Spotted Skippers which seem to shiver in the cool breeze.

The hillsides are speckled with clumps of Eyebright, and on one damp slope a crop of large fingi have appeared, looking monolithic in their structure. Most are already the size of dinner plates, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the autumn brings.

Earlier, I had missed a Wryneck at St Margaret's (Paul went left and found it; I went right and remained blissfully unaware), so it was good finally to see one at Sandwich Bay, where the usual long-lens crew were staked out. Does nobody carry a telescope anymore? The big cameras seem to have taken over.
The quality of my images probably answers that question. Good views, though, and a long-overdue life tick after hearing them in Italy. While we waited for it to reappear from the long grass, a multitude of Whinchats and Wheatears kept us entertained.


Ruth said...

See my reply to your comment on 'Cep this way...' Ruth

Warren Baker said...

Blimey you still got butterflies ! I must look up the difference between the different Blue butterflies underwings. Better still ask greenie :-)

Kingsdowner said...

There has been discussion elsewhere (on The Ranger's Blog - check it out!) of the possible identity of the large boletus - unfortunately we concluded that it probably wasn't the splendidly-named Devil's Bolete.

Mary said...

I always enjoy your views of the English countryside. Your Silver-Spotted Skipper is a lot different then ours. Ours just has one large "white elephant" mark.

Greenie said...

Steve ,
I remember that purple shot last year . Shame the Adonis didn't play ball .
Couldn't find the discussion you mentioned , but would rule out Boletus satanoides too . Have been finding some large Boletus luridus around here , so would put that in the frame .
Nice one with the Wryneck , I've never seen one . I see another was at Samphire Hoe .

Kingsdowner said...

Hi Mary - I never cease to be amazed at the near-similarity and subtle differences between species with the same name across the Atlantic.
Hope you get some respite from the weather soon!

Fred, that sounds more like it..... re the Wryneck at Samphire Hoe, did you hear it was hit by a train?